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The Benefits of Getting an Education in CNC

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) refers to a process of controlling an automated machine or tool using a programmable computer. Using CNC, a machine can be operated with supervision of an accredited operator, increasing productivity and minimizing the possibility for human errors on a project. Since its introduction in late 1950s, CNC has gained widespread acceptances among manufacturers and undergone major technology revolution in the early 2000s; today, CNC is adopted worldwide by manufacturers in a variety of industries. In fact, according to the Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters (CME) Ontario, the immediate need for CNC machinists will rise from 270 to 700 workers within the next two years. Simply put, in today’s industry environment, there is a serious shortage of experience and trained individuals who could fully operate a CNC machine. If you are looking for a career shift into technical trades, then becoming a trained CNC personnel can be a major opportunity for you! Continue reading The Benefits of Getting an Education in CNC

Interested In a CNC Career?

If you are interested in a CNC career, it is recommended to do some research before taking steps to pursue this area. A CNC career involves a lengthy amount of essential practical experience, on-the-job training, technical aptitude, and background education. In an interview with Mike Lynch from CNC Concepts, a supplier of training materials for CNC career specialists, many points of interest for pursuing a CNC career are covered. Lynch first states how it is imperative to be good with your hands and to know how to use special tools. “While all of these [important] skills can be learned through technical school training, a person entering this field should like working with their hands.” Continue reading Interested In a CNC Career?