Potential Career Paths for Welders

Posted on April 29, 2016 by Institute of Technical Trades

While welding is one of those career choices that doesn’t require a college or university degree, training and instruction is both necessary and required. The Institute of Technical Trades offers comprehensive welding programs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced welding candidates. Across Canada, ITT is recognized as a leading educational facility, as well as an official Testing Centre for graduating welders. Once trained, welders can look forward to a very bright future.

Practically endless career options for welders

Interestingly, welding offers a wider choice of industries, and more work options than most other careers. Trained welders are in high demand in practically every industry. And with continuing education, training and certification, career advancement is easily attainable. From engineering, to robotics, to project management, the market demand for welders is ever growing. In fact, most industries around the world are suffering from a shortage of workers.

Opportunities for travelling around the world

Welding work is required around the world. Indeed, the so-called “traveling” jobs pay the most. And while this may not be the ideal lifestyle for many, there are definite advantages to the high pay and the opportunities to see the world. Often, these welders are required to travel from one facility to another, ensuring that everything is in working order. These welders might well spend half the year on the road, and half the year off work – a nice balance.

Shipyards, ship construction, and ship repairs

In the ship building industry, demand for skilled welders is such that there are actually welder “communities” out there. Large contract or small, skilled welders are filling shipyard jobs that last from a few weeks to a few years. For those welders who specialize in shipbuilding and repair, world travel can be routine. And when demand outstrips supply, skilled welders can choose from virtually endless opportunities, and with very substantial salaries.

Military equipment, infrastructure, vehicles

Military support jobs are always in need of welders to repair equipment, build infrastructure, and maintain vehicles. The range of work is wide and varied, but for a skilled welder the options are countless. Here again, because of the high demand, welders have the flexibility to move easily from one project to another, and from one location to another. More than that, being able to earn a six-figure income in this industry is not out of reach for anyone.

Passenger ship maintenance and repairs

Sounds like a dream job, but welders are needed for repair and maintenance of passenger ships. Clearly, this type of welding job requires a worker to be on-board. And the work could include anything from general repairs to pipe replacement. These are well paying jobs that include a number of excellent benefits:  room and board; quality-prepared meals; access to amenities; and a so-called “cruise lifestyle” that most people have to pay for.

Pipeline installation/maintenance/repair

Pipeline welders generally work in locales where pipelines are being installed – this is quite often in the more remote areas of the country. Pipeline welders typically work as long as the project requires. And because of the remote locations, pipeline companies often provide vacation time for their workers accordingly. As well, the nature of the job dictates that salaries are substantial and additional benefits are above and beyond many other jobs.
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