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In today ‘s workforce, computer numerical control (CNC) machines can be found all over the world.

From small shops in rural communities to Fortune 500 companies in large urban areas, these machines have become a vital part of manufacturing and even trades. As more and more companies modernize with CNC technology, traditional machinists are losing jobs to CNC specialists. With employers needs constantly changing, here are a few key points to note:

  1. To find a job in CNC machining or programming, you will need vocational training with a certificate or diploma
  2. CNC is technology driven and employers prefer to hire new graduates with up-to-date skills rather than someone who has outdated CNC experience
  3. CNC machine operators often need skills beyond setup and operation; AutoCAD, SolidWORKS and MasterCAM for last minute adjustments to designs

To take advantage of this growing demand for CNC machines and technology, our Toronto CNC training school prepares students for good jobs in this field.

At the Toronto CNC training school, we offer a specialized Diploma Program in CNC machine setup, operation and programming.

The Toronto CNC school teaches students how to machine parts and assemblies using machinable wax, metal and wood. Students learn how to choose correct tools and tool paths, set up and operate a CNC mill and lathe, and how to use precision measuring instruments. In addition, instruction is provided on preparing and reading engineering blueprints and creating 2D and 3D drawings for parts and assemblies. Projects are done to extremely close tolerances to simulate employer expectations.

Software versions are updated regularly to ensure students have state-of-the-art knowledge required by employers.

To be successful, candidates must be proficient in mathematics.

For prospective students interested in attending the Toronto CNC School, please click below to see a description of the CNC courses available:

CNC Courses

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