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Posted on February 20, 2016 by Institute of Technical Trades

Based on industry trends, some 15% of Canadian working people will be heading towards their retirement on an annual basis. This is mainly because of the aging workforce - a phenomenon that's happening right across the country. For industry, the effects are already quite evident, with the most evident being a shortage of skilled trades. In fact, for some industries, skilled labour shortages have become a regular challenge. To address these trends and to meet the obvious needs of industry, welding classes in Scarborough are offered through the Institute of Technical Trades. This is where future welders will find training that could open up a new career path.

ITT offers welding classes in Scarborough to train new welders for new careers, and to provide continuing education for welders who seek to upgrade skills and technology. Training is in depth and comprehensive and incorporates a number of welding processes, as well as blueprint theory and reading. The ITT training program is intended to graduate welders for those industries that are in short supply of skilled welders - industries like ship building; manufacturing; construction; and pipeline assembly.

When fully trained and graduated, ITT welders are well positioned to meet the growing needs of industry. Importantly, ITT graduates are trained to be highly skilled, proficient welders. The instruction regimen is interactive and engaging, and includes theory work as well as practical skills development. With programming that encompasses 15 different welding processes, ITT instructors offer many years of welding experience and teaching expertise.

When training has been completed, ITT graduate welders are ready to start work. But at ITT, training is also followed by licensing, which is an integral part of the process. Licensing (as well as certification) is under the umbrella of the Canadian Welding Bureau and/or the Technical Standards and Safety Authority. As a training facility, ITT is recognized as an official Test Centre for both TSSA and CWB.

For enrolled students, ITT is a committed learning experience – it's a quality education environment, with full student support throughout the training period. Welding classes in Scarborough range from entry-level, to skills upgrading, to advanced training. All of the programming is designed to meet a student's personal needs, whether the student is a new welder or already advanced. And all of the training is designed to provide leading-edge skills in an environment with modern, advanced technology.

ITT has been training and teaching for four decades, having established itself as a leading welding school in Canada. Success has come from accommodating student needs and from translating those needs into the teaching curriculum. ITT also understands the needs of industry at large, and trains welding students to meet those needs. As such, ITT has built a reputation across Canada for high quality education, and excellence in training.

The programs at ITT are based on a committed teaching philosophy, and welding classes in Scarborough follow that norm:

Course Descriptions for Welding Classes in Scarborough

Welding Master Program (Option A)

This program totals 7 weeks in duration. It encompasses 160 comprehensive hours of training, and includes basic blueprint reading, MIG welding, and oxyacetylene.

Welding Master Program (Option B)

This Certificate Program totals 16 weeks, with a full 380 hours of instruction and training. The program includes TSSA/CWB testing as well as student guidance and coaching.

Welding Techniques Program

This is also a Certificate Program, but designed for welders who wish to advance their skills and upgrade their technology knowledge. Again, TSSA/CWB are included.

Welding Master Program

This program is for experienced welders who seek to upgrade their welding skill sets. The program totals 160 hours of training and includes CWB/TSSA testing.

Welder Fitter Program

A Diploma Program designed for those welding students who have career objectives in structural welding and/or pipe welding. CWB/TSSA tests included.

Welding Technology Program

This program is meant for students who are looking for the most advanced training available. These welding students will have serious, long term career plans.

The Certified Testing Centre at ITT

Throughout Canadian industry, the Canadian Welding Bureau is the body that officially certifies structural welders. As a teaching facility, the Institute of Technical Trades is also recognized as a Certified Testing Centre. Here, testing and certification is offered every two weeks. Regardless of testing, welding students must advance book.

For welders who are already licensed, and who need to renew an active license, their expired license must be presented so that it can be properly validated. In most cases, testing results through the Testing Centre are valid for a time period of 2 years. There may be more specific requirements, depending on the nature of the license.

Testing under the auspices of the Technical Standards and Safety Authority is offered throughout the week, from Monday to Friday. Testing dates require advance booking, and all test applicants are required to fully meet the criteria and guidelines of the specific test. Here, the Testing Centre can provide the necessary information.

In most parts of Canada, job prospects for emerging and experienced welders is promising. In most industries, employers are seeking welders who are both well-educated and well-trained. These are the welders who will secure excellent full time salaried positions, or well-paying regular job positions.

Overall, industry statistics show that most working welders are well paid, having secured employment that is stable and with promising future prospects. Over the long term, the need for highly skilled welders will just grow – and this is where ITT is positioned to train the welders of the future.
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