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Posted on November 30, 2015 by Institute of Technical Trades

A close look at current labor statistics shows that approximately 15% of the national work force is heading for retirement. Clearly, it’s because Canada’s population is aging, but the numbers also tell another story - there are increasing labor shortages in a good many skilled trades. In fact, in some industry sectors the skills shortage has become quite serious. In response to these industry trends, and in an effort to better satisfy industry needs, the Institute of Technical Trades offers a variety of welding classes in Ajax. I.T.T. is a training facility where welders can train for the future and fill the gap for skilled workers.

I.T.T. offers training for new welders and experienced welders alike. Welding classes in Ajax are in-depth and comprehensive, covering a wide expanse that includes blueprint theory, blueprint reading, and welding processes. The training at I.T.T. is designed to professionally prepare welders for the countless industries that are demanding skilled workers. These are industries like manufacturing, pipeline assembly, building construction, and boat building. And I.T.T. has a program for everyone - whether a welder is just emerging, or one that is more experienced, and looking to upgrade and advance for the future.

With training from I.T.T., graduates are able to fill many of the developing opportunities. More importantly, I.T.T. is focused on training welders to be highly skilled in their chosen field. And all of the programs reflect this focus - a standards-based curriculum; in-depth theory work; and comprehensive skills development. Welding classes in Ajax provide training in 15 different welding processes and practices. The instruction is completely hands-on, and the highly qualified staff comprises instructors with years of industry experience. On completion of training, I.T.T. welders have what it takes get working immediately.

Licensing is also an essential component of the programming. Certification and licenses are made available through the Technical Standards and Safety Authority, as well as the Canadian Welding Bureau, and offered at the Test Centre. I.T.T. can offer students programs that range from “entry-level”, to skills improvement, to more advanced training. Quite simply, it’s more than just skills development - it’s all about quality education, a commitment to learning, and ongoing student support. From training, to licensing, to career preparation, the Institute of Technical Trades can offer the entire progression for every student.

Welding classes in Ajax are designed to be flexible, and to meet specific student needs. Whether it’s a new student just beginning, or a more advanced welder keeping up with the latest, the training objectives remain the same: to offer up-to-the-minute technology; leading edge skills instruction; and the very best trainers in the industry. The Institute of Technical Trades has been in business for 4 decades, and is recognized as one of Canada’s leaders. The teaching team is focused on meeting the needs of each student, and reflecting those needs in the teaching curriculum – a combination that allows for maximum success.

I.T.T. is well known in the business community as a teaching facility focused on excellence. Students enrolled in welding classes in Ajax will find a program selection that’s rooted in a committed philosophy:

A Wide Variety of Welding Classes in Ajax

Welding Master Program - a program for the more experienced welder who is looking to upgrade skills and keep up with the latest. This program totals 160 hours of comprehensive training, and includes testing from TSSA and CWB.

Welding Master Program (Option A) - a 7-week training program totaling 160 hours of comprehensive training, with a course selection that includes instruction in basic blueprint reading, oxy-acetylene, and MIG welding (metal inert gas).

Welding Master Program (Option B) - a Certificate Program, 16 weeks in length, totaling 380 hours of comprehensive training and instruction. The program includes TSSA and CWB testing, as well as student guidance and coaching.

Welding Techniques - a Certificate Program that is ideal for those welders who would like to advance and upgrade their skills. The Welding Techniques program offers both TSSA and CWB testing as part of the overall program.

Welder Fitter Program - a Diploma Program for welding students focused on long-term career aims, like structural welding or pipe welding. Like the other programs, the Welder Fitter Program includes testing from CWB/TSSA.

Welding Technology Program - designed for those who want the most advanced instruction and training available. These students have longer-term career objectives, and are looking to accelerate job advancement with better pay.

Certified Testing at The Institute of Technical Trades

Across Canada, the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) is the certifying body for structural welders. The Institute of Technical Trades is a Certified Testing Center and recognized as such by the industry. Testing at I.T.T. needs to be pre-booked, and is made available every two weeks.

For those welders who want to renew their active license, the expired license must be presented for proper validation at the testing center. In general, the test results from the Institute of Technical Trades are valid for a period of two-years (includes the TSSA and the CWB).

I.T.T. is a Certified Testing Center for the Technical Standards and Safety Authority. Testing is offered every weekday from Monday to Friday. Advanced booking is required. Applicants must meet all prescribed criteria and guidelines to qualify for the testing.

The career prospects for emerging welders in Canada are quite optimistic. Most industry sectors employ welders who are educated and trained. For the most part, they are employed in full time salary positions or in well-paid hourly jobs. Workplace surveys show that most welders believe they are well paid, in a stable employment environment, and with good prospects for future growth. With an eye on the long term, skilled welders will continue to be in demand - and the Institute of Technical Trades is well positioned to train them professionally.
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