Welding Classes in Oshawa

Posted on October 28, 2015 by Institute of Technical Trades

According to industry statistics, well over 15% of Canada's work force is heading in the direction of retirement. This is creating a labor shortage in the skilled trades that some are describing as “serious”. The Institute of Technical Trades offers welding classes in Oshawa, and trains welders to fill the skilled trades gap. ITT trains up-and-coming welders for their new career, as well as experienced welders to upgrade and enhance their skills. The school provides welding training that encompasses the most common welding processes, in addition to blueprint theory and blueprint reading.

Welding classes in Oshawa comprise 15 different welding practices and processes. The training program is hands-on, with comprehensive instruction from qualified staff that has many years of trade experience. Certified licenses are in-built to the welding program, with additional certified licensing available through the CWB and TSSA. At the Institute of Technical Trades, vocational programs range from training that’s suitable for entry-level positions, to training that provides skills upgrading, to advanced training that sets the stage for long-term careers in the welding industry.

At ITT, safety is always a priority. Students learn the primary importance of safely operating welding equipment and tools, while minimizing risks in an operating shop environment. ITT also serves as a Test Centre for the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) and the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA). More importantly, the Institute of Technical Trades is not just a leading edge training facility - ITT is about commitment – with a dedicated team of professionals who are committed to providing top-quality education, guidance, and support to every enrolled student.

Welding classes in Oshawa offer flexibility in training – there are training options for new students, as well as in-depth continuing education courses for the more experienced trade professionals. The objective at ITT is straightforward: to provide students with the most up-to-date technology and leading edge training. And after nearly four decades, our technical trade program is one of Canada’s most established and respected welding schools. This success is based on our continuous efforts to incorporate student needs into the curriculum. It’s a formula for future career success.

The Institute of Technical Trades is a respected quality-driven, technology-training center. For those students enrolled in our welding classes in Oshawa, the fundamentals of the program are rooted in a committed corporate philosophy.

Welding Classes in Oshawa – Basic Course Descriptions

Welding Master

Welding Master - Option A

Welding Master - Option B

Welding Techniques

This is a Certificate Program, ideal for those students who want to pursue advanced welding skills, production welding and general upgrading. These welding classes include 4 CWB Position License Tests or 2 TSSA License Tests.


Welder Fitter

This Diploma Program is designed for those with long-term career plans in structural welding or pipe welding. Here, welding classes include all position CWB License Testing in Electric Arc plus 1 CWB License in MIG or 3 TSSA License Tests (consisting of 1 in each welding process).


Welding Technology

For those who have long term career plans in welding, and who want to specialize with further advanced training, this program will accelerate job advancement, and will set the stage for a better paying job. These classes include 5 TSSA License Tests or 3 TSSA License Tests plus all position CWB License Testing in Electric Arc

Testing Centre - Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB)

In Canada, the Canadian Welding Bureau licenses all structural welders. CWB testing is made available at the Institute of Technical Trades every two weeks, pending an advanced booking. Welders who are renewing their existing licenses are required to bring expiring or expired license to be validated.

During testing, each position and each process is a separate test. Welders who are being tested must successfully pass flat, horizontal and vertical before the over-head test is valid. The final test results are valid for a two-year period. ITT provides testing for the following processes:

Testing Center - Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSAA)

The Institute of Technical Trades is a recognized Technical Standards and Safety Authority Testing Center. Certified testing is available at ITT during the week (Monday to Friday) with advanced booking for the following processes:
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