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Posted on November 06, 2015 by Institute of Technical Trades

According to the most current statistics, about 15% of Canada’s general work force is currently heading towards retirement. This retirement trend, primarily because of the aging population, is already starting to create some labor shortages in the skilled trades. In fact, in some industries, this is considered to be serious. To keep up with this trend, and to meet the future needs of industry, the Institute of Technical Trades is offering welding classes in Mississauga, where welders can be trained to fill the growing gap of skilled trades. ITT trains new welders for new careers, as well as experienced welders for ongoing upgrading.

At ITT, welding classes in Mississauga are comprehensive – including in-depth skills development in welding processes, blueprint theory, and blueprint reading (basic). The training is designed to prep skilled welders for the many industries where welders are in high demand and in short supply. And whether the industry is focused on building construction, boat building, or pipeline assembly, trained welders from ITT are ready to fill the need. The key, of course, is to train highly skilled welders. This is what ITT provides, by employing a standards-based curriculum, with the necessary theory work, and the practical skills development.

The welding classes in Mississauga are designed to incorporate 15 welding processes and practices. Training at the Institute of Technical Trades is hands-on, with methodical instruction from staff who are qualified, and who have many years of experience. Certified licenses are an integral part of the welding program, with additional certification available through Canadian Welding Bureau and the Technical Standards and Safety Authority. As it stands, ITT offers a selection of programs that range from basic “entry-level” training, to general skills upgrading, to more advanced training. All courses are comprehensive in nature.

One of the primary teaching priorities at ITT is safety. Students learn the essentials of safety when working with welding tools and equipment, and the critical importance of minimizing risk in a welding environment. Beyond training, ITT is recognized as an official Test Centre for the Canadian Welding Bureau and for the Technical Standards and Safety Authority. As such, ITT is much more than just a training facility for welders – it’s about a commitment to learning, with a team of dedicated professionals who consistently provide the best quality education, personal guidance, and student support. ITT welders are ready for the future.

ITT welding classes in Mississauga offer flexibility in training. The programs are designed to suit a student’s particular needs. There is specific training for new students, and there are continuing education options for the more experienced. However, the teaching objective at ITT remains fundamental - to provide the most up-to-date technology, along with leading edge skills development and training. And after four decades in business, ITT is recognized as one of Canada’s most respected welding schools. It’s a success that is based on our efforts to accommodate student needs, and to reflect those needs in the overall curriculum.

Throughout the industry, the Institute of Technical Trades is known for quality and excellence. For students enrolled in welding classes in Mississauga, they will find programs rooted in a committed philosophy:

A Range of Welding Classes in Mississauga

The Welding Master Program is designed for the experienced welder who is looking to upgrade overall skills. The program includes testing through TSSA and CWB. This course comprises 160 training hours.

Option A in the Welding Master Program is training that can be completed in 7 weeks, with 160 hours of training in total. The course includes instruction in oxy-acetylene, MIG welding, and basic blueprint reading.

Option B in the Welding Master Program is a Certificate Program that encompasses 16 weeks of training with 380 hours of programming. Testing is included, as is guidance and coaching for career planning.

Welding Techniques is also a Certificate Program, and ideal for those who want advanced welding skills, skills upgrading and production welding. TSSA and CWB tests are included in this program.

The Welder Fitter Program is a Diploma Program designed for students who have long-term career aims in structural welding or pipe welding. These classes include a variety of CWB tests and CWB tests.

The Welding Technology Program is for students who have long-term career goals, and who want to attain the most advanced training. The program is designed to accelerate job advancement for better-paying jobs.

The Institute of Technical Trades - Certified Testing Centre

The Canadian Welding Bureau is the official body that licenses structural welders throughout the Canadian industry. Testing for the CWB is available through the Institute of Technical Trades as an official Certified Testing Centre. Advanced booking is necessary, with testing being offered every two weeks.

For welders who are renewing their licenses, it’s required to bring expired or expiring licenses to the test centre - these are needed for validation. Final test results through the Institute of Technical Trades are valid for two-years. As a Certified Testing Centre, ITT testing includes the entire spectrum of welding.

The Institute of Technical Trades is also recognized as a Certified Testing Centre for the Technical Standards and Safety Authority. TSSA testing is offered during the week, from Monday to Friday and advanced booking is required. Applicants must meet all of the required criteria and guidelines prior to testing.

In Canada, the vocational landscape for up-and-coming-welders is full of potential. Statistics show that most welders are well educated and well trained, and are holding either full time salaried positions or well paid wage-earning jobs. The best news is that most workers feel they are well paid, with stable employment, in a safe working environment. In short, the future of welding is poised for the next generation of professionals.
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