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Posted on January 25, 2016 by Institute of Technical Trades

In Canada, the most recent labor statistics indicate that some 15% of workers are approaching retirement age. Certainly, the baby-boomer generation is either already retiring, or getting themselves ready to retire. Almost simultaneously, many industries are experiencing shortages of skilled labor. In fact, in some industry segments there is already a serious shortage of skilled tradespeople. In response to these shortages, welding classes in Pickering are available through the Institute of Technical Trades. Training is comprehensive, with a programming regimen that is designed to fill an ever-growing need for skilled and competent welders.

The programming at I.T.T. is intended for both novice welders and more established welders. Programs are designed for novices who are just entering the workplace, and for welders who want to seriously upgrade their skills. Programming at I.T.T. is in-depth, with instruction in welding, blueprint theory, as well as blueprint reading. Training is designed to graduate welders for the skilled jobs that are currently in high demand. And these jobs may be in a wide variety of industries like construction and manufacturing, or boat building in pipeline assembly. But regardless of industry, graduating welders are ready for immediate work.

At I.T.T., the primary aim is to train and graduate welders who are skilled and competent. The curriculum is based on industry standards, and incorporates theory, skill development, and welding. In total, welding classes in Pickering incorporate 15 different welding processes. The training environment is methodical, systematic, and proactive. I.T.T. staff is the best in the business. Instructors have years of welding expertise and experience. When training is complete, each graduating welder is “ready to work” on day one, and can provide a prospective employer with the benefits of skill and competency in everything that they do.

Simply put, the Institute of Technical Trades makes for more than just training. It’s about providing the highest level of training and instruction in an environment where students are fully committed to success. Licensing and certification are central to the training process, and testing is provided under the umbrella of Canada’s two recognized bodies: the Technical Standards and Safety Authority and the Canadian Welding Bureau. Students are engaged in programs that are wide-ranging, whether it’s at the “entry” level or, in many cases, at a more advanced level. I.T.T. is officially recognized as a Test Centre for the CWB and TSSA.

In Pickering, welding classes are designed to be flexible - programming is intended to accommodate student needs wherever possible. So whether it’s a novice welder, or a welder at a more advanced stage, flexibility is key to the training. The fundamentals at I.T.T. are the same for all students - providing state-of-the-art training in a state-of-the-art teaching environment. The school is well established, and has been in business for longer than 40 years. Throughout industry, I.T.T. is recognized as a facility that provides quality training, and consistently graduates highly skilled welders that are competent in every aspect of their work.

I.T.T programming is grounded on a number of corporate commitments:

Welding Classes in Pickering - a wide choice of programs.

Program: General Welding Techniques

General Welding Techniques comprises a Certificate Program, and is an ideal option for welders who want to upgrade skills and advance technology practices. Testing is central to the program for enrolled students.

Program: Welder Fitter

The Welder Fitter Program is a Diploma Program for those who have longer-term career aspirations in pipe welding or structural welding. Testing is available through the I.T.T. Testing Centre (CWB and/or TSSA).

Program: Welding Technology

The Welding Technology Program is designed for welders seeking more advanced training. These students will have longer-term career objectives, and will be interested in well paying jobs and further advancement. 

Program: Welding Master

The Welding Master Program is for experienced welders seeking to upgrade skills. This program is extensive and incorporates 160 total training hours. Testing is included through the CWB and/or TSSA.

Option A - This option can be concluded in 7 weeks, and incorporates 160 total training hours. Training includes extensive instruction in the following: blueprint reading; oxy-acetylene; MIG welding.

Option B - This option (Certificate Program) is 16 weeks in length, incorporating 380 hours. Testing through TSSA/CWB is included, as is hands-on student guidance and personal career coaching.

Institute of Technical Trades offers testing through the CWB and TSSA

In Canada, the officially recognized certifying body for the welding industry is the Canadian Welding Bureau. I.T.T is an acknowledged Test Centre, offering a wide range of testing under the auspices of the CWB. Testing is scheduled every 2 weeks, and advanced booking is always required. For welders renewing their active license, it’s necessary to present an expired license, so that it may be validated. In general, testing results are effective and valid for 2-years. Testing days are scheduled throughout the workweek (Monday to Friday). Advanced booking is required and applicants must meet all of the testing criteria and guidelines.

Across Canada, job opportunities for welders are growing because of high demand. In fact, some industries are already suffering from a lack of skilled welders. And the jobs are high quality – employers are looking to hire skilled welders who have been well trained. These are welders who will be taking advantage of jobs that are productive, high paying, and with great prospects for future development and advancement.

Industry demand for skilled welders means good employment prospects, whether a welder is just starting out, or already experienced and seeking to upgrade skills. The Institute of Technical Trades can provide the high quality training that will make a difference – it’s a training ground that offers high quality education, and a learning environment that is difficult to match throughout the industry and around the country.
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