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Mastery of Welding: The Importance of Proper Welding Education

Welders are by definition tradesmen who specialize in crafting products by joining raw metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, and brass. One of the most obvious displays of welding mastery to the general population in Canada are the stunning gigantic pieces of art you’ve likely seen in public areas, that were created using welding techniques. It’s also important for us to understand that welding plays a significant role during our daily life. Welding is a common activity in various industries in Canada like construction, transportation, and the military. Welding experiencing high demand, and has become a professional that offers great potential in a wide range of industries. If you’re looking to begin or to advance your welding career, it’s important to acquire proper welding education. Continue reading Mastery of Welding: The Importance of Proper Welding Education

Problems with Non Certified Welders in Toronto and the GTA

The welding industry has experienced significant growth in recent years, with simultaneous changes made to the educational requirements for the welding profession. Today, welders require training and a strong academic background to keep up with the evolution. With a steady stream of demand and well-paid compensation, many self-taught welders are now pursuing educational training and certification. As technology progresses and more complex techniques are implemented in the welding industry, the hazards to untrained welders is increasing. Conversely, the ability for employers to track the quality of welding work is also improving, making a strong case for welders to gain proper education and certification. Let’s discuss the the common problems caused by hiring non-certified welders in Toronto and the GTA. Continue reading Problems with Non Certified Welders in Toronto and the GTA

Potential Career Paths for Welders

While welding is one of those career choices that doesn’t require a college or university degree, training and instruction is both necessary and required. The Institute of Technical Trades offers comprehensive welding programs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced welding candidates. Across Canada, ITT is recognized as a leading educational facility, as well as an official Testing Centre for graduating welders. Once trained, welders can look forward to a very bright future. Continue reading Potential Career Paths for Welders

For Those Who Are Considering a Midlife Career Change

There are countless causes and reasons to consider a midlife career change. And although every person is different, career experts agree on one thing – not to rush into a career change, especially at midlife. It’s far better to have a process, along with a set of goals, and with a commitment to reaching those goals. Midlife presents unique challenges for career transition, but the basics stay the same:  assessing the options; getting good advice; and plotting out a new direction. Continue reading For Those Who Are Considering a Midlife Career Change

How to Become a Master Welder

Becoming a master welder is a challenging but rewarding endeavour. There are specific requirements to become a master welder. Becoming a master welder requires years of dedicated study with a certification program, as well as practice at a master welder program. Other requirements may include further certifications for welding, cutting, and brazing as well as welding inspection. There are also consistent success rates which must be met. A master welder must possess the ability to consistently create nearly flawless welds with a failure rate of less than 5% in Magna Flux testing, and below 10% in X-ray testing. Some employers will hire and train you on the job if you have no formal education or experience, but most employers are likely to favour candidates with both. Continue reading How to Become a Master Welder

Welding Classes in Toronto

According to industry trend-watchers, about 15% of Canadian workers are heading towards retirement year after year. This is happening primarily because of ageing demographics, and its prevalent across the country. The effects on industry are already apparent – and most apparent are the labor shortages in the skilled trades sector. In fact, in some industries, labour shortages have become quite the challenge. To better address these trends, and to better meet the imminent needs of industry, the Institute of Technical Trades (ITT) offers welding classes in Toronto, where future welders can find training programs that will set the stage for a career. Continue reading Welding Classes in Toronto

Welding Classes in Scarborough

Based on industry trends, some 15% of Canadian working people will be heading towards their retirement on an annual basis. This is mainly because of the aging workforce – a phenomenon that’s happening right across the country. For industry, the effects are already quite evident, with the most evident being a shortage of skilled trades. In fact, for some industries, skilled labour shortages have become a regular challenge. To address these trends and to meet the obvious needs of industry, welding classes in Scarborough are offered through the Institute of Technical Trades. This is where future welders will find training that could open up a new career path. Continue reading Welding Classes in Scarborough

Welding Classes in Markham

Currently, labor market statistics indicate that about 15% of the Canadian workforce is nearing retirement age. One thing for sure, the baby-boomer generation is either retiring or getting ready to retire. At the same time, there are already shortages of skilled labor in a great many industries. In fact, some industry sectors are in dire need of skilled trades right now. In response, and in order to meet future labor demands, the Institute of Technical Trades runs welding classes in Markham. These are extensive training programs specifically designed to fill the need for skilled welders with competently trained graduates. Continue reading Welding Classes in Markham

Welding Classes in Pickering

In Canada, the most recent labor statistics indicate that some 15% of workers are approaching retirement age. Certainly, the baby-boomer generation is either already retiring, or getting themselves ready to retire. Almost simultaneously, many industries are experiencing shortages of skilled labor. In fact, in some industry segments there is already a serious shortage of skilled tradespeople. In response to these shortages, welding classes in Pickering are available through the Institute of Technical Trades. Training is comprehensive, with a programming regimen that is designed to fill an ever-growing need for skilled and competent welders. Continue reading Welding Classes in Pickering