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Potential Career Paths for Welders

While welding is one of those career choices that doesn’t require a college or university degree, training and instruction is both necessary and required. The Institute of Technical Trades offers comprehensive welding programs for beginner, intermediate, and advanced welding candidates. Across Canada, ITT is recognized as a leading educational facility, as well as an official Testing Centre for graduating welders. Once trained, welders can look forward to a very bright future. Continue reading Potential Career Paths for Welders

Computer Numerical Control – an Excellent Career Path for a Woman

It may not be particularly noticeable, but women are already playing an integral role in the male-dominant field of Computer Numerical Control Machining. Historically, between wars, and army drafts, and food rationing, many women were called up to participate in various manufacturing sectors. There was a clear shortage of male workers, and as such, women from all walks of life joined the work force. Interestingly, the CNC industry didn’t have much option but to hire and train women for CNC machining jobs. And no surprise – women were fast learners and excellent workers. They learned to master precision tools and mills, and to produce high quality products. Continue reading Computer Numerical Control – an Excellent Career Path for a Woman

The History of Computer Numerical Control

Today, Computer Numerical Control is an extension of what was once Numerical Control. It refers essentially to the concept of controlling automated machine tools via programmable computers. Clearly, with the older system of Numerical Control, a computer wasn’t involved, but today the technology has advanced in leaps and bounds (and continues to advance every year). CNC has set the stage for a tremendous upsurge in productivity – it’s an environment where machine tools can operate automatically, and without the attention and oversight of an operator. Continue reading The History of Computer Numerical Control

For Those Who Are Considering a Midlife Career Change

There are countless causes and reasons to consider a midlife career change. And although every person is different, career experts agree on one thing – not to rush into a career change, especially at midlife. It’s far better to have a process, along with a set of goals, and with a commitment to reaching those goals. Midlife presents unique challenges for career transition, but the basics stay the same:  assessing the options; getting good advice; and plotting out a new direction. Continue reading For Those Who Are Considering a Midlife Career Change