Computer Numerical Control - an Excellent Career Path for a Woman

Posted on April 26, 2016 by Institute of Technical Trades

It may not be particularly noticeable, but women are already playing an integral role in the male-dominant field of Computer Numerical Control Machining. Historically, between wars, and army drafts, and food rationing, many women were called up to participate in various manufacturing sectors. There was a clear shortage of male workers, and as such, women from all walks of life joined the work force. Interestingly, the CNC industry didn’t have much option but to hire and train women for CNC machining jobs. And no surprise - women were fast learners and excellent workers. They learned to master precision tools and mills, and to produce high quality products.

Today, many thousands of women are still engaged in CNC machining industries. And although the landscape is still quite male-dominated, women are as highly trained and as highly paid as the men. Bottom line: CNC Machining provides women with a career path that is both stable and rewarding, and best of all, substantial salaries that are higher-than-average. With more and more manufacturers modernizing with CNC, traditional machinists are becoming redundant. It means that demand for CNC specialists is on the rise, and it offers a new potential career path for those women entering the work force. Here, a high level of training will ensure good job prospects.

At the Institute of Technical Trades, Computer Numerical Control operators (men and women) are graduating with specialized skills and technical expertise – these are the skills that today’s manufacturers are looking for. And with 40% of future jobs predicted to be in technology, these CNC graduates are going to be in high demand. At ITT, CNC instruction and training encompasses every aspect of the technology, including machine tools and high-tech software. With training that is based on real-life industry standards and tolerances, graduating students are experts in their chosen field, and are ready to begin working the day they are hired.

For men and women alike, today’s manufacturing companies require top-level expertise in high-tech tools like AutoCAD, MasterCAM, and SolidWORKS. At the Institute of Technical Trades these specialties are offered in comprehensive Diploma Programs that incorporate the full spectrum of training: from computer programming to machine setup to machine operation. ITT students train on modern mills and lathes, and with the latest state-of-the-art precision instruments. ITT programs cover every facet of CNC technology so that operators are proficient and accomplished. By any measure, women graduates can confidently take their place in the leading companies.

CNC industry forecasts are promising. Demand for skilled operators is growing, and will continue to do so with ongoing technology advancements. For those looking at new career directions, ITT can provide it all:  the highest standard of training; real-life skills development; and specialization in various facets of Computer Numerical Control. It all sets the stage for a career that offers stable employment, a great salary, and long-term opportunities in industries around the world. ITT is also a Certified Testing Centre, ensuring that graduates can be tested and certified in their field.
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