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Posted on February 17, 2016 by Institute of Technical Trades

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) is advanced technology that allows various automated machine tools to be operated with associated computer software. Basically, CNC allows a trained operator to control the functions and movements of a machine tool. It's achieved using CAD technology (computer aided design) and CAM technology (computer aided manufacturing). And today, CNC is an integral part of modern manufacturing – it's being widely used around the world – and is ever growing.

The Institute of Technical Trades offers comprehensive CNC training in Mississauga. Once trained, graduates will fill the ever-growing need for skilled operators. Indeed, more and more companies around the world are modernizing their manufacturing, and ITT is training the CNC professionals that are required. Unfortunately, traditional machine operators are being replaced by newly-trained CNC operators – these are the same ITT trained specialists who have more advanced skills and enhanced technology know-how.

Graduates from the Institute of Technical Trades have been exposed to the latest technology available and are therefore able to offer prospective employers the CNC skill sets that are in highest demand. Today, the skill sets that manufacturers are demanding include such specialities as AutoCAD, MasterCAM, and SolidWORKS.


AutoCad has become universal in manufacturing industries. This is software that's being used by architects, engineers, and designers in countless applications. AutoCAD is the proprietary computer-aided design tool that is commonly used in 2D and 3D drafting and design. It's available in the various platforms – traditional desktop, mobile devices, and the cloud. Worldwide, virtually every industry is already using this software technology in their design environment.


MasterCAM is proprietary software specific to the computer-aided-manufacturing process. It's very specialized, and routinely used by engineers and machinists in their manufacturing environment. MasterCAM allows operators to design “virtual parts” in a conventional desktop platform. MasterCAM is widely popular, and is considered to be the most used application of its kind in the world.


SolidWORKS is also proprietary, and is used where modeling and design applications are required. Professionals in every industry are using SolidWORKS in some fashion in their manufacturing. It's a valuable computer design tool, and is recognized universally as a “solid modeler”. SolidWORKS is regularly used by professionals who are engaged in the customization of models and assemblies.

By any measure, CNC technologies are experiencing significant growth. It's happening year after year, and is resulting in an ongoing demand for trained CNC operators. To meet this high demand, the Institute of Technical Trades offers comprehensive CNC training in Mississauga. It's training that technically prepares professionals for a variety of industries. ITT Diploma Programs encompass the full extent of Computer Numerical Control, incorporating everything from machine setup, to operations, to programming.

CNC training in Mississauga provides a learning environment where students can learn first hand. This is intensive training that includes the safe operation of machinery and equipment - the correct operation of lathes and mills - and the proper usage of precision instruments. The training regimen includes machining, assembly, and the proficient use of “machinable” wood, metal, and wax. CNC training in Mississauga also comprises instruction in preparing and outputting engineering blueprints.

ITT students are truly at the leading edge – they are trained with the most advanced equipment, tools and computer technologies. Indeed, every project is expedited under the highest technical standards, and according to precise specifications. ITT training is meant to simulate the tolerances that are expected in the real world, and CNC graduates are prepared to meet those high expectations. Today’s industry employers are looking for the best – skilled operators who can get going from day one.

Training at the Institute of Technical Trades allows professionals to gather the high-level skill sets and computer proficiencies so they can excel. The training is hands-on, and students work within an environment that has its focus on project participation and practical skills training. ITT instructors are competent teachers who are the most qualified in their field. Instruction and programming are demanding, rigorous, and challenging.

The Institute of Technical Trades is a Private Career College, registered under the auspices of the Private Career Colleges Act. ITT class sizes are small, and students are engaged with the latest generation of tools and technology. This is a learning environment offering unlimited potential for skills development, where a student can become quite specialized. Every student is encouraged to be fully challenged, and to take on projects that are the most difficult and demanding.

At ITT, student graduates from the Computer Numerical Control program are well prepared. They are well-trained and immediately ready to meet the expectations of a prospective employer. This is an employment market where some 40% of future job placements will be in a technology role, and where employer demand is ever-growing. In fact, industries worldwide are already experiencing a shortage of skilled workers, and ITT is positioned to train those skilled workers.

Machine Setup / Operator / Programmer

This program trains students on lathes and mills – it includes machine setup, operation, and programming. The program runs for 28 weeks, and provides instruction in the following:

Financial Assistance at the Institute of Technical Trades

Financial limitations should not be a barrier that prevents a student from a desirable education program. Full time students at ITT have a number of options open to them for funding and/or financial assistance. Clearly, any assistance is based on a student's personal need, and is therefore calculated on the difference between the student’s personal contribution and the actual cost of a training program. At ITT, the Financial Aid Officer has the resources to source out financial assistance, and the necessary experience to prepare the paperwork.

When it comes to industry forecasts, the near term suggests a definite shortage in skilled trades. This is because today’s workforce is mostly engaged in so-called “white collar” jobs. It has essentially left a gap that needs to be filled with highly skilled workers. And as the “baby boomers” get closer to retirement age, more and more skilled jobs need to be filled. Here, ITT is training the next cohort of skilled workers that will represent the next generation of CNC professionals.
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