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Posted on January 26, 2016 by Institute of Technical Trades

Computer Numerical Control is state-of-the-art technology that allows automated machine tools to be controlled by computerized software. CNC technology enables a machine to function and move, based on instructions from a computer-based CNC specialist. This is made possible by using computer-aided design and manufacturing systems.  And today, many more industries around the globe are making use of CNC technology in everything they produce and manufacture. Throughout Ontario, the Institute of Technical Trades offers CNC classes in Markham with a training regimen that is thorough and in-depth.

Manufacturing companies of all types have modernized their systems and processes over the recent decades. And with modernization, CNC specialists are replacing traditional machinists. In short, CNC operators are better trained and have much more relevant skills. At ITT, graduates enter the work place with CNC skills and talents that are both high-level and up-to-date. Officially registered through the Private Career Colleges Act, ITT trains CNC specialists for productive careers and well-paying jobs. Graduates engage in a wide range of industries from transportation, to construction to manufacturing.

Statistics show that in some industries, up to 40% of all future jobs (during the next 20 years) will be in a technology role or a skilled trade. It means that employers continue to seek skilled people with up-to-date training and certification in their particular field. Indeed, many industries are experiencing skills shortages already. This is because a large segment of the labor market has been engaged in so-called “white collar” jobs, and the result is a serious lack of skilled labor. CNC classes in Markham address this lack of skilled labor in an effort to effectively meet the ever-growing industry demand.

The job opportunities in Computer Numerical Control are wide open. Baby boomers are either retiring, or getting ready to retire. Industries are modernizing every year. And skilled trades are not keeping up with the demand. That’s why ITT trains CNC operators – the career opportunities are wide open and demands are ever-increasing. The professionals at ITT understand the marketplace, the employer need, and the unique dynamics of each industry. And at the end of a program, graduates possess the in-depth skills and technical savvy that employers want - graduates are ready to work immediately.

Today, most modern production/manufacturing facilities require people who are highly expert with systems like SolidWORKS, AutoCAD, and MasterCAM. CNC classes in Markham provide a level of training in these systems that is complete and comprehensive.

SolidWORKS is system software that is used in computer-aided design and computer-aided modeling. Universal to most industries, SolidWORKS is a “solid modeler” that is used when designing models and/or custom assemblies.

AutoCAD is another system software that is used by architects, engineers, and graphic designers. The AutoCAD software is used in 2D and 3D applications, with easy accessibility through all platforms: cloud, desktop and mobile.

MasterCAM is CAD-CAM software that is preferred by machinists and engineers around the world. The software system is employed in the design of “virtual parts”. MasterCAM is most often used in the form of a desktop application.

CNC technologies are growing exponentially, and so is demand for CNC operators. CNC classes in Markham offer students Diploma Programs that include computer programming, machine setup, and operations. Students learn how to properly operate lathes and mills. They learn about safely operating machinery and equipment. And they learn by using state-of-the-art precision instruments. At ITT, programs encompass every aspect of CNC, and graduating students are experts with the most current machine tools, computer software, and technologies. ITT students are truly up to the challenge.

ITT is one of the finest training facilities in Canada. Student projects comply with the highest industry standards. Student training simulates the precise tolerances that industries expect in the real world. And the learning process is hands-on, with teachers qualified in their field and instructors competent in their expertise. Class sizes at ITT are small so that programming can be somehow customized to suit the particular needs of a student. On graduation, CNC students will be able to meet the expectations and challenges of industry, and with skill sets that will enable them to excel in their career.

Training at ITT is both demanding and challenging. Students are widely encouraged to develop their individual skill sets, and are challenged to expedite projects that might be more difficult and demanding. When graduating, CNC students are highly trained and well prepared – they are confident as they address the needs of potential employers nationwide. And with 40% of future jobs in the technologies, CNC graduates are usually in high demand in a wide variety of industry sectors. For those interested in the world of manufacturing, the Institute of Technical Trades is a good place to start.

Financial Assistance is available for students through ITT

Financial limitations are not a good reason for opting out of an education. At ITT, students can take advantage of various options when financial assistance is truly required. Needless to say, financial assistance is always relative to need – it’s based on the difference between the student’s “financial contribution” and the total cost of a particular program. At ITT, a Financial Aid Officer is available to help with funding sources, and with the preparation of paperwork submissions.

The labor landscape today is quite positive for graduates of ITT. Demand for CNC operators is growing, and as such, ITT continues to train new CNC operators. The school has been teaching for more than 40 years, and has launched thousands of skilled operators into well-paying jobs and very satisfying careers. ITT is also a Certified Testing Centre, offering students and graduates testing and certification in every aspect of the training process.

For those looking for a new career path, the right place may be ITT. Training is at the very highest standard, and skill set development is designed to satisfy the needs of potential employers. Today, the demand for Computer Numerical Control operators exceeds supply. It simply means good things for CNC graduates: gainful employment; better-than-average salaries, and the potential for career growth.
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