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Posted on December 16, 2015 by Institute of Technical Trades

Computer Numerical Control is the latest in state-of-the-art technology that enables machine tools to be controlled automatically by computer and software. Simply put, CNC allows machine functions and movements to be computer operated by a CNC specialist. This is accomplished with computer-aided design tools and computer-aided manufacturing processes.  Today, more and more industries around the world are using CNC technology in every aspect of their manufacturing. In Ontario, the Institute of Technical Trades runs CNC classes in Richmond Hill, with training that is comprehensive and in-depth.

Companies of all sizes and types have modernized their manufacturing and are continuing to do so. With these trends, traditional machine operators are quickly being replaced by CNC specialists who are better trained and who have more relevant skills. Graduates from ITT are entering the market with high-level CNC skills and technology talents that are up-to-the-minute. ITT is registered through the Private Career Colleges Act, and is graduating CNC specialists who will establish productive careers, with good-paying jobs in all types of fields, from manufacturing, to transportation, to construction.

In some industry sectors, statistics show that 40% of future jobs (in the next 20 years) are going to be in technology and skilled trades. That means that today’s employers are looking for skilled people who have up-to-date training and are certified in their field. In fact, many industry sectors are already experiencing a shortage of skilled people. As it is, many in the labor force have opted for “white collar” careers, and this has left a serious gap in the skilled trades. ITT training is designed to address this gap, and to successfully meet industry demand for workers who are highly skilled and equally proficient.

Job opportunities in Computer Numerical Control are prime - baby boomers are retiring or preparing to retire - industries are modernizing year after - and skilled trades are just not meeting the demand. In response, ITT trains CNC operators for long-term career opportunities that will satisfy current and future demands. ITT understands employer needs, and appreciates the dynamics of the job market. The school program graduates students who are highly trained, with well-developed skill sets and the technical savvy that employers want. ITT graduates are immediately ready to work and perform.

Today, most manufacturing facilities require high levels of experience and expertise in SolidWORKS, AutoCAD, and MasterCAM. At ITT, training in these specialties is thorough and comprehensive.

SolidWORKS is the software used for computer-aided design and modeling. Used in practically every industry, it’s a “solid modeler” routinely used in the design of custom models and/or assemblies.

AutoCAD is the software commonly used by graphic designers, architects, and engineers. Used for both 2D and 3D applications, professionals operate in a variety of platforms: desktop; mobile; and cloud.

MasterCAM is the preferred CAD-CAM software used by machinists and engineers alike. The software is used to design “virtual parts” in a desktop platform application. It’s the most used around the world.

CNC technologies are ever growing, and therefore, so is the demand for CNC specialists. CNC classes in Richmond Hill provide Diploma Programs that encompass everything from computer programming, to machine setup, to operations. Students learn to properly operate modern mills and lathes. They learn how to safely use the machinery, equipment and tools. And they train with precision instruments. ITT programming covers every aspect of CNC technology. Graduating students are accomplished with all of the leading edge machine tools and technologies – they are up for the challenges that await them.

ITT is recognized as one of the best facilities in country – student projects are completed to the highest industry standards and to precise specifications. This is training designed to simulate the tolerances and expectations that are found in the real world. Graduating students are able to meet the challenges of the real world with know-how and skills to help them excel. ITT training is hands-on, with class instruction that is focused, and with teachers who are qualified in their field and very competent as instructors. Class sizes are small at ITT so that programs can be better customized to suit each student.

The teaching environment at ITT is demanding and challenging - it’s an environment that allows for unlimited learning potential. And while students are encouraged to constantly develop their skills, they are also challenged to undertake projects that are both difficult and demanding. On graduation, CNC operators are trained, prepared, and confident in meeting a potential employer’s expectations. The thing is, with 40% of future jobs in technology, skilled CNC graduates are in high demand in all types of industry sectors. Quite simply, the Institute of Technical Trades is one of the best places to start.

Student Financial Assistance available through ITT

Financial constraints should not be a reason in preventing a student from education. ITT students have a number of options that are available when financial assistance is required. Financial help is relative to a student’s need, and is based on the variance between a student’s personal “financial contribution” and the cost of a training program. An in-house Financial Aid Officer can provide help in sourcing the funding and in preparing the necessary applications and paperwork.

Today’s labor forecasts are in favor of graduating CNC students. Short-term demand for operators is growing, and ITT is constantly training the new generation of CNC operators. Having been teaching for longer than 40 years, ITT has graduated tens-of-thousands of highly skilled workers who enjoy well-paid jobs in satisfying career positions. As well, ITT is recognized as a Certified Testing Centre, and can offer graduates both testing and certification in various fields.

Those who are looking for a brand new career path might well find the answer at ITT - teaching and instruction is at a high standard, and skill specialties are designed to satisfy employer needs. Computer Numerical Control is a field where the demand exceeds the supply - and that means good things for skilled workers: gainful employment with a good salary, and future career growth that’s unlimited.
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