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Posted on December 17, 2015 by Institute of Technical Trades

Labor market statistics show that approximately 15% of the current Canadian workforce is progressively approaching retirement. Of course, it’s a function of the aging baby-boomer population, and some things are evident already – like skilled labor shortages in industries across the country. For some industry sectors this is becoming a real challenge. In response to these labor trends, and in order to effectively meet future labor demands, the Institute of Technical Trades offers a range of welding classes in Vaughan. The overall aim is to fill the ever-growing need for skilled welders with comprehensive training and skills development.

I.T.T. programs train novice welders for potential welding careers, as well as established welders who wish to upgrade. The programming is comprehensive - with training in a variety of welding processes; studies in blueprint theory; and basic blueprint reading. The training is designed to qualify welders who will work in industries where skilled workers are in high demand, but in short supply. These industries might be in pipeline assembly, boat building, construction, or manufacturing. But whatever the industry, I.T.T. welders are very well positioned to start work immediately – they are highly trained and professional.

The primary aim of the training is to graduate welders who are highly skilled. The curriculum is based on industry standards, and includes all of the required theory work, as well as skills development. The welding classes in Vaughan encompass 15 welding practices and processes. The training environment is proactive; the instruction is systematic and methodical; and I.T.T. staff is the best in the business, with years of relevant experience. With training complete, and graduation in hand, welders are quite simply “ready to work”. They are confident with their level of training, and ready to address the needs of industry.

The Institute of Technical Trades is more than just a training ground. It’s about quality education, a serious commitment to learning, and ongoing student support. Beyond the training, licensing is also integral to the program, with certification available from two recognized bodies: the Technical Standards and Safety Authority, and the Canadian Welding Bureau. Prospective students will find programs that begin at the “entry-level” stage and continue right through to advanced instruction. As for testing, I.T.T. is recognized as an official Test Centre for both of the certifying bodies (CWB and TSSA).

Welding classes are flexible, with programming that’s designed to meet individual student need. Whether it’s a new student, a continuing education student, or an advanced student, flexibility is key. And regardless of the training, the fundamental objective is the same: to provide up-to-the-minute technologies along with leading edge instruction. I.T.T. is well established, and has been educating for more than 4 decades. The school is recognized as among the nation’s leaders. In the business community, I.T.T. is acknowledged for quality excellence. Graduating students are highly regarded for their skills training.

Welding classes in Vaughan exposes students to programming that is based on a committed philosophy:

Welding Classes in Vaughan - a number of options to choose

 Welding Techniques. Another Certificate Program, this is an excellent option for those welders who are looking to upgrade skills and advance further with new technologies. Testing is included for students who are enrolled in the program.

Welder Fitter Program. A Diploma Program for welding students with long-term career plans in the field of structural welding and/or pipe welding. As with many of the other programs, various tests from CWB and TSSA are part of the program.

Welding Technology Program. This is for welding students who are looking for advanced training at the highest level. Students will have long-term career aspirations, with a focus on accelerated job advancement as well as better-paying jobs.

Welding Master Program. This program is for experienced welders looking to upgrade their existing skills. Included in the Welding Master Program is testing from TSSA and CWB. In total, the program encompasses 160 hours of comprehensive training.

Option A

This is a program that can be concluded in seven weeks. There are 160 training hours in this program. In the Option A component, instruction includes MIG welding, oxy-acetylene, and basic blueprint reading.

Option B

This is a Certificate Program, 16 weeks in length, with 380 hours of instruction and training. Testing is included in the program (TSSA/CWB), along with student guidance and future career coaching.

Certified Testing at I.T.T.

 Across Canada, the CWB is the acknowledged certification body for structural welders. I.T.T. is a Certified Testing Centre, offering a wide range of testing for enrolled students. Advanced booking is required, with testing days that are scheduled every two weeks.

Welders who want to renew an active license are required to present their expired license for renewal. This is for the purpose of proper validation. In general, testing results will be valid for two-years - this includes testing from both the TSSA and the CWB. The testing is offered weekdays (Monday to Friday), and advanced booking is always required. Applicants need to meet the various testing criteria and testing guidelines when applying for testing.

The potential for future welders is wide open in Canada – more and more its clear that demand for skilled labor is exceeding the supply. As for the job potential, most industries are employing welders who are well educated and equally well trained. The welders are productively employed, many with full time salaried positions, and others with highly paid jobs. In general, working welders consider themselves well paid, in stable positions, and with good future prospects for advancements.

For welders who are currently training, and for those who are upgrading their skills, the high demand and low supply means very good things. And at the Institute of Technical Trades, future welders can count on a training ground that offers quality education and student support that is unmatched.
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