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Posted on November 30, 2015 by Institute of Technical Trades

Computer Numerical Control (CNC) essentially allows automated machine tools to be controlled and operated with a computer and applicable software. Often referred to as CNC, the technology allows control and operation of machine tool functions and movements. This is typically achieved through computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM). Today, CNC technology abounds in industries worldwide – it’s essential to any modern manufacturing.

The Institute of Technical Trades provides CNC classes in Brampton, with training programs that are comprehensive and wide-ranging. In recent years, many companies have modernized their manufacturing, and I.T.T. is training CNC specialists for the future. In fact, more and more, the traditional machinists are losing out to better-trained CNC machinists. CNC graduates are coming into the marketplace with high skill levels and technology talent that is poised for the future.

Graduates from the Institute of Technical Trades are highly trained, and possess the most up-to-date technical skills. They are able to provide prospective employers with the special skill sets that are in demand. And today, the manufacturing landscape is demanding skill sets in disciplines such as AutoCAD, MasterCAM, and SolidWORKS. In short, I.T.T. does all the training.


MasterCAM is a CAD-CAM software specifically used in computer-aided design. Highly specialized and proprietary, MasterCAM is used in manufacturing, primarily by machinists and engineers. This software allows the operator to design “virtual parts”, and to do it all on a desktop platform and application. The MasterCam software is the most used application in the world.


Professionals of all genres (architects, engineers and graphic designers) make use of AutoCAD. It’s specialized software and highly regarded internationally. AutoCAD (computer-aided design) is routinely used for 2D and 3D drafting and design. And today, it’s available in various platforms to suit the needs of practically every industry: cloud-based; mobile-device; desktop.


SolidWORKS is proprietary software used in computer-aided modeling, design, and engineering. Professionals in virtually every industry sector use the software in the manufacturing process. As a computerized design tool, SolidWORKS is recognized internationally as a “solid modeler”, and is used specifically by professionals who design customized models and assemblies.

According to industry statistics, CNC technology is growing annually. Consequently, there is also growing demand for trained CNC operators. In an effort to meet industry needs, the Institute of Technical Trades provides CNC classes in Brampton. This is training that prepares professionals for industry, with Diploma Programs that encompass the full spectrum of Computer Numerical Control. I.T.T. training incorporates machine setup, operation, and programming.

CNC classes in Brampton allow students to learn first hand – safe operation of machinery, tools and equipment - proper operation of various mills and lathes - and correct use of the precision instruments. Training includes machining and assembly, as well as the use of “machineable” wax, wood, and metal. CNC classes in Brampton also comprise specific instruction in the preparation and output of engineering blueprints. The program is complete and comprehensive.

Students at I.T.T. are up-to-the-minute with the most current machines, tools and computerized technologies. Training is leading edge, and every project is completed with precise specifications, at the highest technical standard. The training regimen is intended to simulate the tolerances and expectations of the real world – and that’s exactly what today’s employers are looking for. CNC graduates are ready to meet those high expectations from the day they hired.

Training from the Institute of Technical Trades provides emerging professionals with high-level skills and software proficiency to excel in their work. Training is hands-on, and class instruction assures operational proficiency throughout. I.T.T. students work in an environment that focuses on practical training and project participation. Instructors are highly qualified in their fields and are competent teachers. The programs are both demanding and challenging.

The Institute of Technical Trades is recognized as a Private Career College and registered under the Private Career Colleges Act. Students are exposed to the latest generation of machinery and tools, and class sizes are kept small. This is a teaching environment that offers unlimited learning potential, while students develop and enhance specialized skill sets. Students are encouraged to fully challenge themselves and to engage in projects that are demanding.

I.T.T. graduates are well prepared on completion of the Computer Numerical Control program. They are fully trained and ready to meet the needs of prospective employers. And in a market where 40% of future jobs will be in technology, employer demand is on the increase. Industries of all types are already in need of skilled workers, and I.T.T. is the place to be trained.

CNC Machine Setup / Operator / Part Programmer

This program is designed to train for machine setup, operation, and programming. The focus is on lathes and mills. The program is approved by the Private Career Colleges Act and runs for 28 weeks. CNC classes in Brampton provides student instruction in the following disciplines:

Funding Options and Financial Assistance

Financial constrictions should not prevent students from an education program. For full time students, I.T.T. has options for funding and financial assistance. Assistance is based on student need, and is based on the difference between a student’s “financial contribution” and the cost of a particular program. The in-house Financial Aid Officer is experienced in sourcing financial aid and with the preparation of various applications and paperwork.

Industry forecasts for the near term suggest a labor shortage for many types of skilled trades. It’s primarily because today’s work force has chosen mostly “white collar” jobs, and this has left a gap where skilled workers are required. As for “baby boomers”, they are getting closer to retirement, and many jobs in the skilled trades are waiting to be filled. At the Institute of Technical Trades, the next generation of skilled workers is now being trained.

I.T.T. has been in business for over 40 years, having trained and educated thousands of graduates who are today enjoying well paying jobs in satisfying careers.
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