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Welding Careers in Toronto

The Hidden Job Market , makes up over 80% of all available jobs. There are thousands of companies in the Greater Toronto Area employing people with skills in welding and CNC and we know where to find them.

There are lots of great jobs and one for you!


Today, Skilled Trades is still one of the most in-demand sectors in which to find a good paying career.

In the next 20 years, it is estimated that over 40% of all new jobs will be in skilled trades and technologies. With the baby boomer generation starting to retire, including highly qualified trades journeymen, industries are seriously worried about a looming skilled labour shortage.


To answer this demand, the Institute of Technical Trades provides training for long term careers in welding and careers in CNC.


With over 40 years experience, the Institute of Technical Trades Toronto has developed relationships with many employers. We know where to find the companies that employ welders in Toronto, in Ontario and across Canada. We also understand both the job market and skills employers are looking for and train students accordingly to meet these expectations.


There is a broad spectrum of choices among companies that employ welders in Toronto, Ontario and Canada.


WELDING - Average Wage $47,528 ( in 2005)

Employers Job Titles
Motor Vehicle Manufacturers
Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers
Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturers
Construction Companies
Steel Companies
Metal Fabrication Companies
Repair Shops

Structural Welder/Iron Worker
Pipe Fitter
Boiler Makers
Fitter/ Welder Fitter
Production Welder
Metal Fabrication Labourer
Construction Trades Helper
Commercial Diver
Aviation Welding Technician


The choices of companies that employ CNC machinists and programmers in Toronto, Ontario and Canada is equally diverse.


CNC - Average Wage $51,173 (in 2005)

Employers Job Titles
Architectural, Engineering Companies
Motor Vehicle Manufacturers
Electronic Equipment Manufacturers
Machinery and Equipment Manufacturers
Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturers
Primary Steel Producers
Pulp and Paper Companies
Plastic Products Manufacturers
Aircraft and Aerospace Parts Manufacturers
Hardware, Tool and Cutlery Manufacturers
Machine Shop Firms
CNC Machinist
Numerical Control Technician
Automotive Machinist
Machine Tool Set-up Operator
Maintenance Machinist
Machine Parts Inspector
Tooling Inspector
CNC Programmer
CNC Mill Operator
CNC Lather Operator

Institute of Technical Trades' programs have been designed for graduates to maximize employment opportunities and 9 out of 10 graduates have found full time jobs within 6 months.


For interested individuals looking to pursue a career in the skilled and technical trades, please come to our open house at the Toronto Institute of Technical Trades every Wednesday from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.


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"I was unemployed and did not have much luck finding work. After completing Institute of Technical Trades welding course, I started working the next day at $20 per hour.
G. Ma

"Institute of Technical Trades recognized my potential and before even finishing my training program, they helped me find a job. Now I am making $6 more per hour than my job before."
V. Boodarm